Our Brands

Farmer T's

Farmer T’s mission is to make products flavorful and wholesome without the use of artificial and unnecessary additives and fillers. We grow many of the fruits and vegetables used in our products. We also support U.S. farmers by only using fruit and vegetables grown in the U.S..

Our products include: 


Pickled garlic

Pickled beans


Fruit sauces

Food Union Family Farms

Food Union Family Farms was created in 2017 by Greenfield’s Forever LLC. Food Union brand was established to promote the local food economy and increase the volume of food grown by family farms. We market fresh produce for local farms and purchase these items for processing which are all marketed under the Food Union Family Farms brand. To learn more about Food Union Family Farms, our goals, mission and most importantly our farms, visit www.Foodunionfarms.com .


Trago™ is Spanish for drink or sip which is exactly what you’ll want to do when you try this tangy treat. Designed and marketed as a mixer or chaser for the alcohol beverage industry, it is also a refreshing thirst quenching beverage for those looking for something new or wanting to add cider vinegar to their diet.